Chacana Spiritual Retreats are facilitated with an intention to spark a consciousness within all attendees. To open up pathways of joy and love that create harmony in their physical, mental & emotional lives.

  • Our retreats include…

    • Spiritual mentorship,

    • A free bands of power class,

    • Opportunities for integration during the retreat,

    • Spiritual talks, discussions, ceremonies during the retreat,

    • Opportunities to grow your spiritual gifts and open up to the energy of the universe. While also visiting sacred sites, shopping & days to relax , explore and have fun!


* A Retreat can be the perfect opportunity to find balance in your life, expose yourself to new perspectives of observing reality from a higher consciousness, and evolve into a more healed version of yourself.  


*All Retreats include The Bands of Power class at Chacana Center

Healing sessions or classes will take place before leaving for the retreats to prepare your body and spirit to accept your fullest healing potential. Our spiritual retreats are tailored and priced separately, each with its own package. Retreats can be reserved with a deposit or full cost on our website or by calling us.

Should you have any additional inquiries or to pay your deposit feel free to reach out to our center at 321-610-1698.

Alternatively, you can contact Shannon Davis, the owner of the center and facilitator of our spiritual retreats, directly at 1-321-759-1031 via text, call, or WhatsApp.

​We are currently scheduling 4 international trips a year around the world! And we can customize spiritual retreats for large groups upon request🙏☮️ 2025 Retreats will be posted on our website soon!


A Celtic Journey

August 1 – 9, 2024

Ancestral healing Retreat

On the river

August 16 – 19, 2024


Golden Light Spiritual Retreat

September 8 – 17, 2024

Cape Town, Africa

Goddess Healing Retreat

September 20 – 26, 2024

Stargates of Peru

Shamanic Spiritual Retreat

Feb 17th – 27th 2025

Google Reviews

Victoria Churchill
Victoria Churchill
The Chicana Spiritual Center has provided me with the tools to facilitate my own healing and growth. I have had healing sessions, gone through the program of Munay Ki and Mesa which transformed my life, and taken part in the free offerings of Moon Ceremonies and support groups. Thank you Shannon for creating such a beautiful energetic space.
Kelly Mceachern
Kelly Mceachern
As a colleague and friend I have never been more proud of the owners and staff at Chacana spiritual center for bringing spiritual arts and gifts to this community. Shannon opened her center on faith during the middle of COVID. Since, she has managed to formulate virtual and in person spiritual classes tailored to fit so many life styles, religions, and spiritual practices. In addition, she's been able to hold tons of workshops from yoga and craft fairs to holiday markets and sacred ceremonies from various shamanic cultures around the world! Classes, workshops, and inventory are marketed at a good price and the vibes are gold! <3 I couldn't be more happy to recommend this facility for all of your spiritual needs including: -International spiritual retreats -Shamanic training/healing -Tarot/shamanic readings -Yoga -Drum workshops -Meditation journeys -Sacred ceremonies (even when you have no background or experience, you are still welcome) -Munay ki & mesa! (beautiful, life changing training that connects you with the lineage of Peruvian shamanism)
Tiffany Schiffner
Tiffany Schiffner
The Chacana Spiritual Center is a magical place for growth, healing and community. If you are looking for a place to deeply connect to yourself for emotional comprehension and soothing, this is a great healing center to connect with. I recommend attending the free events so you can meet the welcoming community. Then sign up for Munay Ki and give yourself the gift of spiritual learnings which will elevate you vibrationally. Next sign up for an individual healing so you can deepen your connection with your spiritual self and allow peace, light and love into your heart. Follow your develop intuition about what next might be best for you as there is much to offer at the center. All the teachers and energetic healers at the center offer warmth and compassion. Shannon who is the owner is amazing and you will instantly feel loved by her. Blessings!
Sky Starr
Sky Starr
I highly recommend all the Shamanic classes at Chacana as well as Munay Ki and the Mesa path. Aho. ♥️
Michelle Shaber
Michelle Shaber
I am so very thankful for this supportive loving community!! I came to the center a damaged broken person. With love, support and education I have been able to transform myself into a healed and whole person. it has been life changing for me it has helped fix things in my life that years of counseling never could. This center is something that is very needed for this broken world
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall
Thanks to The Chacana Spiritual Center, my life is continuously transforming for the better. I am blossoming into my true self, and kudos to its incredible team of shamanic healers who have been nothing short of miraculous in my journey of self-discovery and healing. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in my journey, helping me to navigate this path of fire with grace and ease. Offering a wide array of shamanic training, workshops, and private healing sessions, the center caters to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or find healing. Each session is a unique experience, meticulously designed to nurture the soul and awaken the spirit. The variety of workshops and classes ensure that there's something for everyone, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.
Mary Moriarty
Mary Moriarty
I absolutely love the Chacana Center and all it has to offer. You can get a healing from a Shaman but if you want to take it to the next level there are plenty of classes and free events. I started going to the moon ceremonies because they were free and eventually signed up for Munay Ki which is like Shamanism 101. They also have free mens and women’s groups once a month. The info is posted on both Facebook and their web site.
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams
Chacana was a life changing experience for me. Went for a meditation class few years ago. Have since taken other classes, gotten healing sessions, made great friends and learned so much about myself and healthy healing. There are many levels of expertise at Chacana. Even if you are new to all this, they take you in, guide you, help you and always make you feel welcome and loved. If you are struggling with any type of physical or emotional issues, they will guide you and help you figure out where to start. So don’t be afraid to just walk through the door. Trust me when I say, they got your back and you won’t regret it! I give them all the stars in the universe..5 isn’t enough!
Amanda Bellinger
Amanda Bellinger
This center has changed my life and given me a tribe and place to call home. There is no mistake that a shamanic center is in Melbourne FL of all places…this is a divine space to hold space for others. Thank you to Shannon for creating a safe haven for all of us weirdos!!

Head Teachers

Shannon Davis

Shamanic Practitioner, Founder, Owner & Teacher at CSC

Shamanic Practitioner, General Manager, & Teacher at CSC

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC


Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Savannah Stephenson

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Amanda Bellinger

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC


(frequently asked questions)


Secure your spot at any of our upcoming retreats by placing a $500 non refundable deposit, applicable to retreats scheduled for this year or the following year.

The second payment, equaling half of the total cost, is due 6 months before the retreat date, with the final balance payable 3 months prior to the retreat.

The answer to the most common question:

Can I bring my spouse? Or friend ,even if they do not want to mediate or attend ceremony?

Definitely yes!🙏 Our spiritual retreats welcome individuals of all adult ages and backgrounds, creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, including spouses or those who prefer not to participate in meditation or other spiritual practices.

All activities are optional, allowing each participant to tailor their experience to their preferences while still enjoying the collective exploration and fun..

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