What is the Mesa Training?

The Mesa is the shamanic training & apprenticeship to become a Q’ero trained shaman. This training can be started after you complete your first Munay Ki class Bands of Power.

Please call the Chacana Spiritual Center at 321-610-1698 to start your training with Munay Ki. Or click this link to see the list of upcoming classes. Munay Ki Classes

During the Mesa training at The Chacana Spiritual Center, you will train for two years while going through the Andean Medicine Wheel.

In the medicine wheel we begin our journey in the South. We spend 6 months in this direction. During this time you begin to detox on a cellular and energetic level; releasing heavy energy from your body by learning how to release your old stories and emotional wounds as the serpent releases her coils gradually yet all at once. This is at the physical level and works with the energy of the earth. We do this so our future is no longer written by the stories of our past.

Next we spend 6 months in the West and during this time we learn to master our emotions and become non reactive to the wounds of the past and instead we begin to track where these old wounds began for us just like mother Jaguar tracks in the jungle. She teaches us to step into our power and we begin to ask questions about our belief systems that no longer serve us. She helps us step out of fear and into harmony with death and into acceptance of changes in our life. This is at the mental level and works with the element of water.

Next we spend 6 months in the North and this is about being in the sweetness of life. We explore the level of the mythic, while learning to become our own hero. The hummingbird helps us in this direction to take an epic flight and we begin to see the silver lining to our lessons in life. We begin to understand why our old stories were part of our life and how we can learn from them.

Finally we enter into the east. This is when we fly wing tip to wing tip with eagle and condor to see our old stories through the creators perspective. And we truly begin to let go of the old stories and old beliefs as we accept our divinity and allow the creator within to begin to create in our personal life’s. This level is about working at the energetic level with the Christ / Buddha consciousness.

During the mesa training, you will:

  • Learn to be a shaman.

  • Learn shamanic healing techniques: including but not limited to ~ shamanic illumination, shamanic extraction, shamanic Journey, demonic & entity extraction through compassionate depossession, cord cuttings, soul retrial, power animal retrieval, destiny retrieval, ancestral healing, divinity with angels, aliens and spirit.

  • Work through the medicine wheel at a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

  • Create right relationship with the earth and the cosmos.

  • Understand and perform ceremony.

  • Apprentice with a Master Shaman.

  • Receive angelic downloads to open up all of your spiritual gifts.

  • Become a direct extension of the angels to access their powers.

  • Attain shamanic protection.

  • Learn to master your energy.

  • Learn to master your emotions and reactions.

  • Learn to walk this world in harmony creating no footprints in the sand.

  • You become a steward for all life from this earth to the cosmos.

  • Gain a tribe and community!


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