Meet Savannah Stephenson

~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Savannah Stephenson is a fully trained medicine woman from the Peruvian (Inca) Q’ero shaman lineage. As a teacher and enternal learner, she carries forward a rich ancestral wisdom to guide others on their paths of healing and self-discovery.

Her life experiences, studies of human development, and innate energetic gifts allow Savannah to transcend the mundane and facilitate deep personal transformations. She is deeply passionate about collective healing and learning, offering a dynamic, compassionate perspective on growth and development. Through her work, she helps reaffirm people’s belief in themselves as powerful and whole beings.

Savannah creates meaningful experiences that integrate mind, body and spirit. Her classes artfully blend compassionate listening, energy work, guided visualization, and practical wisdom tailored to each person’s journey. Her insight into the human condition allows her to foster an environment where people can safely explore vulnerability, find acceptance, and expand their self-awareness.

As a modern day wisdom keeper, Savannah guides people to reconnect with their inner healer and harness their untapped potential. She is committed to spreading light and helping awaken the divine inner spark in all beings.

Savannah Stephenson